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Heat packages

Heat can cause positive effects against tension or after sportive effort it is good for the muscles. Especially effective are heat packages of 20 to 40 minutes in the region of shoulders end neck, all over the back or at the muscles of the legs. Heat packages can be done before massages. So it would be easier for the masseur to treat the problems.

Heat package ca. 20 min. 
CHF 40.--   /    EUR 26.--

Heat package ca. 20 Min.
CHF 75.--  /     EUR 49.--



Soft pack system

Toe world's most successful body treatment system - invented by Paul Haslauer

The Haslauer Soft-Pack-System offers guests a weightless free floating within perfect temperature. Guests are covered by a thin membrane and therefore do not comes in direct contact with the water. Due to the water pressure, the membrane snuggles to the body boots the penetration of the product applied (occlusion effect). The pure and natural products are applied undiluted and without added preservatives so that more active components can be absorbed by the skin. Additionally, the slowly rising temperature and the floating position lead to a relaxation of the muscles and the supporting apparatus. This increases the therapeutic effectiveness.

Curative chalk:
Curative chalk is highly recommended for the purification of the body. It is applied with a wet pack, is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the metabolism. This treatment is very helpful in case of rheumatic discomforts and nurturing in case of skin irritations.

Curative chalk (ca. 25 min.)   
CHF 60.--  /     EUR 40.--

Mud bath
This bath contains anti inflammatory, pain killing and hormone and muscle activation tissues. As a result, excessive water and toying are eliminated. These dehydrating and detoxicating effects are also of a great importance for cellulites zones. The skin-tightening, regenerating and purifying effects dispose to your well-being.

Mud bath (ca. 25 min.) 
CHF 60.--   /     EUR 40.--

Bath with herbs or in hay
A warm bath with herb essences or in damply hay can work wonders and is beneficence for your body and your senses. The fragrance and the heat let us stock up on energy, while the ingredients and the water either stimulate and activate the blood circulation or act calming and ramp loosening. A comforting bath deepens the breathing and its medicinal additions can relieve the discomfort of a cold. Nourishing substances react positively on your skin and your beauty. So indulge yourself in the health supporting forces of the water and the precious her supplements.

Bath with herbs or in hay (ca. 25 min.)
CHF 60.--  /     EUR 40.--

Cleopatra bath
The impact on our skin, the contact organ, is always increasing. More and more people attach importance on a specific and natural skincare. The milk/oil mixture of the Cleopatra bath is used undiluted and is therefore highly nourishing and nurturing. The result is a soft, well-tended and supplied with blood skin. Especially in case of dry and stressed skin, the Cleopatra bath works real wonder. Furthermore the stay in the Soft-Pack-System is very relaxing for body and soul.

Cleopatra bath (ca. 25 min.)  
CHF 65.--  /     EUR 44.--

The evening primrose has an almost legendary reputation as medical plant. The metabolism
and the hormonal balance benefit from the quality of this bath and it is also recommended
in view of the skin ageing. The blood circulation of the skin is encouraged and the skin feels
particularly supple after a bath with evening-primrose-oil.
The oil is extracted from the grains of the evening primrose and is one of the world's
most expensive seed oils. The moisturising evening primrose oil cream bath represents
a special treatment in the clinical dermatology. The evening primrose bath is very
appropriate to soothe irritated and to inflammation tending skin and in case of psoriasis,
neurodermatitis and allergies. The high quality of this bath has a skin rejuvenating
effect and work against the wrinkling.

Evening-primrose-oil-bath (ca. 25 min.)
CHF 65.--  /     EUR 44.--

The salt-oil-peeling reacts adjusting, moisturizing, regulating and permeates quickly. It is perfectly applicable for the moisturizing, regulating after the sauna or in case of dry skin.

Salz-Öl-Peeling(ca. 25 Min.) 
CHF 60.--  /     EUR 40.--

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