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New wellness area

Relax in the new wellness area of the hotel Europa with fun-showers, Bio-Fin-Sauna, steambath, whrilpool, kneipp-bath, fountain, fitness-room, lounging area.
Free use for the guests of Hotel Artemis.

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In the broadest sense the massage is the oldest elixir of the humanity. Various manual grips act upon the muscles directly. Different positive effects will be caused by this. Depending on the massage not only the muscles will be relaxed, furthermore the blood flow will be enhanced, the blood pressure lowered, the wound healing  improved, pain allayed, stress hormone reduced, but also the psyche relaxed.




We can offer you succeeding massages:

Classical massage:
The classical massage is one of the best known massages.  One reason for this is because the massage is academic and medical accepted and there are no doubts in their effects. The massage consists of five different grips which are used while the diverse phases of the massage.

Partial body massage (ca. 25 min.) 
CHF   50.--  /  EUR 33.--

Whole body massage (ca. 55 min.) 
CHF   95.-- /   EUR 63.--

Whole body massage incl. facial massage (ca. 85 min.)
CHF 135...  /   EUR 90.--

Aroma massage:
While an aroma massage you can enjoy a classical massage in combination with essential oils.

The prices of the aroma massage are the same as the prices of the classical massage.

Sports massage:
An activating massage before the sport prepares for the effort and prevents injuries. A soothing massage after sports leads to quicker recovery.

Sports massage (ca. 55 min.)
CHF   95.--  /  EUR 63.--

Hot Stone therapy
Black Basal stones (lava) of different sizes get heated and get placed to the various power centres (chraken) of the body.  Followed by soft massage with the stones. Because of the comfortable heat the body can relax immediately. The stone therapy also activates the self healing energy and gives you a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Hot Stone whole body massage (ca. 55 min.) 
CHF   95.--  /   EUR 63.--

Hot Stone partial body massage incl. facial massage (ca. 85 Min.)
CHF 135.--  /   EUR 89.--

Feet reflexology
The reflexology springs from the experience that the energy runs in specific lanes of our body. Body?s own healing powers will be activated. The feet reflexology helps to harmonise the energetic system.

Feet reflexology (ca. 55 min.) 
CHF   95.-- /  EUR 63.--

Children massage
Already a little reflexology can work miracles. Your child can relax wonderfully and feel secure. The immune system is strengthened and your child is less illness-prone.

Children massage (ca. 25 min.) 
CHF   40.-- /   EUR 27.--

Lomi Lomi massage
The Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage. In the local language lomi means to rub, to knead or to press. So the duplex in the name of the massage wants to intensify the meaning. The massage is not only for relaxation furthermore it shall help for the corporal, mental and psychic cleaning and helps to get in harmony.

Lomi Lomi whole body massage (ca. 80 Min.)
CHF 120.--  /   EUR 80.--

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